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miércoles, 22 de noviembre de 2017

Big Lo-Wunderland Apokalypse -2017

 01. Menagerie
02. The Lux / Double Down
03. Firecracker Popsicle
04. The Green Balloon
05. Breakfast In Dubai
06. Wunderlust
07. Yuri Gagarin Redux
08. Carpaccio

martes, 21 de noviembre de 2017

Apollo Ali - "Give Me Mine" Feat. Skyzoo (Official Music Video)

Spit Gemz – The God Who Forgot Himself (2017)

 01. The God Who Forgot Himself (Intro) (prod. by IceRocks)
02. Bulletproof Drummer (prod. by Buck)
03. Father Of Purity feat. G.S. Advance (prod. by Kure)
04. Master Of The Universe (prod. by Stu Bangas)
05. Blackbook Of The Dead (prod. by C-Spec)
06. Spit Banga feat. Banga K (prod. by Level 13)
07. Dreadnoks feat. Eff Yoo, Aye Wun & G.S. Advance (prod. by Sharp Griswold)
08. Exercise The Exorcism feat. Necro & Nems (prod. by G.S. Advance)
09. Complaints From Olympus (prod. by Giallo Point)
10. Vincent & Jules feat. Big Twins (prod. by J57)
11. Razor Bracelets feat. Trez The Allstar (prod. AQ)
12. Dead Lift (prod. by Stu Bangas)
13. Heavens Dungeon feat. Chino XL (prod. by Stu Bangas)
14. The Lo-verine (prod. by Stu Bangas)
15. Gamma Green (prod. by Stu Bangas)
16. Master Of The Universe Remix (Henchman) feat. Apathy, Esoteric, Mitchell Aimss, Rim Da Villain, Nems, Recognize Ali & Thirstin Howl III (prod. by Stu Bangas)

Kidz In The Hall - Dear Eastside

Class A Felony - Class A Felony (1993)

 1. Intro
2. Time To Make The Doughnuts
3. Hyped Up
4. Hostage
5. I'm Not The Herb You're Lookin 4
6. Gotta Go, Gotta Go
7. Papa Don't Play
8. Lyrical Bloodbath
9. Class A Felony
10. I Got A Warrant
11. Warriors Come Out To Play
12. The Night Stalker
13. They're All Gonna Laugh At You
14. Rita
15. Black Rain
16. Electricity
17. I Can't Take No More Featuring - Lakim Shabazz, Diamond D

Judah Priest "Lonely" ft Cappadonna & Killah Priest Produced By: Steve...

Danja Mowf - Word Of Mowf - 1997

 1. Death Of An A&R (Intro)
2. Phone Tag Featuring - SupaFriendz
3. Make It Hot Featuring - Lonnie B.
4. Like Flies Featuring - Javon The Medieval
5. Vowel Movement Featuring - Kalonji The Immortal, Lonnie B., Madd Skillz, Speedis Tone
6. 14 Ladies
7. Simple Clarence (Skit)
8. Espionage Featuring - Kalonji The Immortal
9. Gand Daddy's Lynchin' Story (Interlude) 
10. Strange Fruit
11. Dangerous
12. Mowf Of MADness Featuring - Madd Skillz
13. Jack-N-Da Weestalk
14. Question
15. Watchin' You Featuring - Fred Pollard
16. Unseen World Part II Featuring – Myndabenda, Javon The Medieval, Lonnie B., Madd Skillz, Speedis Tone
17. Like Flies (Remix) Featuring - Javon The Medieval, LaMaRe
18. Grand Daddie's Advice (Outro)

Sicknature - The Rapper, The Producer (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

MHz-Blunted Science-EP -1995

 01. The Realism
02. Explosion
03. Physical Chemistry
04. Bring The Drama
05. Juvenile Delinquentz

Frank B. (feat. Rock) - Brooklyn Vs. All (Official Video)


 01. Alleluia
02. Pacers
03. Spike Up
04. The Cookout
05. Thought You Should Know
06. Milk & Ladyfingers
07. Pop Shit

Edo G, Shabaam Sahdeeq, Fokis - Trust Ya Self ft. Ras Kass

domingo, 19 de noviembre de 2017

Lone Catalysts-Culture-2017

 01. The Sidelines (Feat. Mr. Complex)
02. The DJ
03. Graffiti (Feat. Bukue One & Strawberry Kap)
04. Different Cities
05. The B-Boy (Feat. Tony Touch)
06. Rhymes (Feat. Greg Nice)
07. Me vs You
08. Its A Demo (Feat. Artifacts)
09. The MC (Feat. Strawberry Kap)
10. Smiles (Feat. Blak Smif & Strawberry Kap)

B.B.Z Darney, D-Rev & uMaNg-Hunter's Moon (2017)

 01. Hunter’s Moon
02. Flashing By
03. Tranquility
04. The Storm
05. In The Air
06. November Flights
07. Through The Fog
08. Another Day
09. Winter Defeated
10. Fall Without Gravity

sábado, 18 de noviembre de 2017

Configa - Mind Control [UK Remix] (ft. Genesis Elijah, Silas Zephania an...

Es Nine - Watch the Pendulum Swing (2017)

 01.The Pendulum Swings feat. Ruby Z
02.Rise feat. A.G.
03.That’s Just Growing Up feat. Glad2Mecha
04.The Fame Game feat. Fashawn
05.Celebrate feat. Fo Chief
06.Self Made feat Wildelux
07.Life Is feat. Rakaa Iriscience
08.Outside Looking In feat. Supastition
09.Terra feat. Glad2Mecha
10.Want It All feat. A.V.I.U.S.
11.The Fame Game feat Fashawn (Marco Polo Remix)

ZERO HOUR - Tesla's Ghost (Official Music Video)

Elevated Circle (Knowdis & Metasin) - A Higher Degree (2017)

 01.The Intro
02.Let It Burn
03.All Seeing I
06.A Higher Degree
08.Get It Straight
09.A Rare Breed

WF Collective – Wholefoodz (2017)


Evidence - Jim Dean (Official Video)

miércoles, 15 de noviembre de 2017

Deadly Venoms - Antidote

 01. Intro – (Performed by J-Boo, Champ, Finesse, and N-Tyce)
02. One More To Go [The Earthquake] – (Deadly Venoms, Wu-Tang Clan, and Street Life)
– (Performed by J-Boo, Champ, Finesse, N-Tyce, Inspectah Deck, Method Man, Cappadonna, GZA/Genius, and Street Life) – (Produced by Russ Prez)
03. Drug Free (Free Ol’ Dirty) – (Performed by Champ, Ol’ Dirty Bastard, and Shorty Shit Stain) – (Produced by Storm)
04. Counterfeiters – (Performed by J-Boo, Champ, Finesse, and N-Tyce)
05. Ladies Room – (Performed by J-Boo, Champ, Finesse, and N-Tyce)
06. What, What – (Performed by J-Boo, Champ, Finesse, and N-Tyce)
07. Pockets Stay Deeply – (Performed by J-Boo, Champ, and Finesse)
08. The Way We Feel – (Performed by J-Boo, Champ, Finesse, and N-Tyce)
09. D-Evils – (Performed by J-Boo, Champ, Finesse, and N-Tyce)
10. Word Life – (Performed by J-Boo, Champ, Finesse, and N-Tyce)
11. Everything – (Performed by Champ, Finesse, and N-Tyce)
12. Ring-Bells Posse (The Symphony/PYN Symphony) – (Deadly Venoms, M.M.O., and KGB)
– (Performed by J-Boo, N-Tyce, Finesse, Itchy Finga-Sha, Naisha, Pearl Handles, Trigga, Asiatic, and Ill Knob) – (Produced by Storm)
13. Formulate – (Performed by J-Boo, Champ, Finesse, and N-Tyce)
14. Slice Like Swords – (Performed by J-Boo, Champ, Finesse, and N-Tyce)
15. Ready – (Performed by J-Boo, Champ, Finesse, N-Tyce, and Tekitha)
16. Rap Scholar [Madd Long] – (Performed by J-Boo, Champ, Finesse, N-Tyce, LA The Darkman, and Jamie Sommers) – (Produced by The RZA)   

Various - Low Budget Butta' - 1997

 1. C-Voorheez - Dreams
2. Crooked Anglez, Mental Ward, Kinetic, C-Voorheez - The Six Mcees Vs The ACL Death
3. Mystro Enerjetic - Problem Child
4. Flexman - Blowin Out Ya Speakers
5. Mad African - Funk Zone
6. Mental Ward - Choose Ya Fate
7. Kinetic - Mom's Is The Ghetto
8. Chozen Ones - Type Niggazz
9. Kinetic, Flip Da Scrip - Root To All Evil
10. Seven Shawn - Relic For A Lost Place
11. Crooked Anglez - War
12. Kinetic - T2

Connecticut Kartel - The Question Is (1997)

02.Money clips
03.C.K. state of mind
04.All out
05.The shadow
06.Committee 300
07.Birth control
08.Certified criminals

Devaloop - From The Bits To The Cosmos (2017)

 01.Blast (Intro)
02.Nino Senja (feat. Ryler Smith & Dj Educut)
03.Ya No (feat. Emblema)
04.Adipösi Exkrement (feat. Kids Of The Stoned Age & Dj Ham-E)
05.Str8 From Allah (feat. Izreal)
06.No Reason To Bluff (feat. Teknical Development)
07.Shinobi Style 2 (feat. Malev Da Shinobi)
08.No Sides (feat. Pete Flux & Debonair P)
09.From The Bits To The Cosmos (feat. Hexone & Dj Foxx)
10.Samsara (feat. Silentists)
11.Nightshift (feat. Warpath)
12.Water & Earth (feat. Samura Loré)
13.(Bonus) Enygma (feat. McGyver & Dj Foxx)
14.(Bonus) Suffer No Fools (feat. Ella Mae)

Think Back - Damu The Fudgemunk + Raw Poetic

martes, 14 de noviembre de 2017

MC Wicks - Gambling With Rap (2017)

 01.Reflections Intro (Prod. By TableTop)
02.Fresno Represent (Prod. By TableTop)
03.Days Like This (Prod By. TableTop)
04.It Ain’t Nothing (Prod By. LeftCoast)
05.Its’s Ova FT. Dengee (Prod. By TableTop)
06.What We Do (Prod.By TableTop & LeftCoast)
07.Mickey’s All Day (Prod. By TableTop)
08.Want To Win FT. Dengee (Prod. By TableTop)
09.Shasta Cats (Prod. By TableTop)
10.Talk That Shit FT. Knodaledge (Prod. By TableTop)
11.Raw (Prod. By K.Pizzle)
12.Just Another Day (Prod. By K.Pizzle)
13.Wake Up Early (Prod.By TableTop)
14.Best Of Times FT. VK (Prod.By LeftCoast)


 01. Meatdust
02. Stay Awake
03. Elm Street feat. Daniel Son
04. Zombieland