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domingo, 14 de enero de 2018

BKA Iz-BKA Iz-2016

 01. Intro
02. On The Train
03. Hell’s Kitchen
04. Nature
05. Hotbox The World
06. Meant It
07. Not My Home (Feat. Sophie Meiers)
08. Coast (Ridin The Waves)
09. Little Prince (No Time)
10. Sky
11. Seems

$auce Heist - SAUCExMONK EP

 01. Ronin feat. Ty Da Dale
02. Savage Sauce feat. Sav Killz
03. Saeed
04. Z-BO
05. Drunken Monk feat. Camoflauge Monk

Various Artists- Jewels Of Da Nine EP - 1997 re up

1. D.J. Mister Cee - Introduction 
2. Chris Styles - Piece Of The Pie 
3. Kenya - Just Maybe 
4. Crimson League - One Time 
5. The Dean - Visionz 
6. Shep Malone - Peaches & Cream 

sábado, 13 de enero de 2018

Symmetry – Dusty Pickup (2007)

 01. Intro
02. Hater
03. I Mean
04. Angel Eyes
05. Idiosyncratic
06. Back There
07. I Need You
08. She Asked
09. Our Land
10. The Time
11. Intrepid Approach
12. Go Head
13. Little Girl
14. That's Enough
15. Lying Down
16. Oh Dear
17. Bye Bye
18. Kill It...

Symmetry – Cat Drop Complex (2005)

 01. The Bad Man
02. Prior
03. Cat Drop Complex
04. Downtown
05. Miss
06. Beanlude
07. Picture Us
08. Kick The Door
09. Verse Versatility
10. No Antenna
11. Smoke Notes
12. Don't Have Lude
13. You Know
14. Testing
15. Rain
16. Downtown (Remix)
17. Miss (Remix)
18. M.M.O.T.G.E.
19. Free Song'n

viernes, 12 de enero de 2018

VA – Effiscienz presents Out Of Nowhere (2018)

 01. I Got That S**t feat. DJ Self (prod. by Funkonami)
02. High Noon feat. Fel Sweetenberg & DJ Djaz (prod. by DJ Brans)
03. A Jersey Tale feat. Union Blak (prod. by Sir Williams)
04. Hang Dry feat. Vic Spencer (prod. by Mil)
05. The Return feat. AKD (prod. by Deepstar)
06. Demonstrate feat. Edo G & Raf Almighty (prod. by Street Wyze)
07. Nu Crack Babies feat. Sauce Heist (prod. by Junior Makhno)
08. We The Best At It feat. Roc Marciano & Tha God Fahim (prod. by Street Wyze)
09. Parisian Nights feat. M-Dot & DJ Djaz (prod. by DJ Brans)
10. The Drill feat. Fel Sweetenberg (prod. by Fel Sweetenberg)
11. Dragoon feat. Jimmie D (prod. by Nicholas Craven)

Tha God Fahim-Klap Gawd (2018)

 01. Klap Legend (prod. by Jlvsn)
02. Blow Up Grow Up (prod. by Camoflauge Monk)
03. Cant Let Down (prod. by Eyeree)
04. Jax-Hamma feat. Kungg Fuu (prod. by C-Lance)
05. Black Birds (prod. by Tha God Fahim)
06. Klap Back (prod. by Tha God Fahim)
07. DBD (prod. by Jlvsn)
08. Metal Gear Bullet (prod. by Bloodblixing)
09. Poetry Is Power (prod. by Tha God Fahim)
10. Whats Goin On (prod. by Tha God Fahim)
11. Yorimoto (prod. by Weslaird)
12. Gun Powder (prod. by Dani & The Historian)
13. Pick N Choose (prod. by Devin Malek)

Various Artists - Halftooth Records Presents- You Don't Know The Half EP

 A1   Oddisee, Kenn Starr & J-Live - Quest To Find 
A2   J-Live - Who Do You Call 
A3   Phonte* & Big Pooh - Long Time Comin' (Makin Moves) 
A4   Kenn Starr - Walk The Walk 
B1   Wordsworth - Here We Go Again 
B2   Oddisee & Kenn Starr - This Is Hip Hop 
B3   Kenn Starr, Asheru & Talib Kweli - If 
b4   Kev Brown, Grap Luva & Oddisee - Keep On 

IceRocks - Live From The Bunker (2018)

01. Represent Queens feat. Too Deep
02. Timbs In The Summer feat. Ag Da Coroner Cuts by PF CUTTIN
03. 3 Eyes Closed feat. Calamity, Spit Gemz & SicWitDaPen
04. Turn It Up feat. Blabbermouf
05. George Feilds-Worldwide feat. Glad2Mecha & DXA (IceRocks Remix)
06. Bring It On feat. SicWitDaPen Cuts by DJ M-Tri
07. The Waltz feat. Calamity Chris
08. Forever Dignified feat. Meyhem Lauren
09. AND1 feat. XP The Marxman
10. Smoke Signals feat. Al Boges & Ms. Anne 

Evidence - 10,000 Hours (Prod. by DJ Premier) [Official Video]

Ichiban Hashface-Mitsurugi EP (2015)


jueves, 11 de enero de 2018

Lloyd Luther - Repent (Official Video)

Da Buze Bruvaz - Adebisi Hat (2017) re up

 01. Revolver feat. Tug McRaw (prod. by Rocksteady)
02. Long Barrel (prod. by Giallo Point)
03. Rugby (prod. by Lord Beatjitzu)
04. Tango & Cash (prod. by Claymore)
05. U.S. Embassy feat. Ruste Juxx (prod. by Hamorabi)
06. Sportsmanship feat. B-Bill (prod. by EDK)
07. Kangol Kru (prod. by Kyo Itachi)
08. Tranzor Z (prod. by Lord Beatjitzu)
09. Hunnid Proof feat. Sadat X (prod. by Gosilla)
10. Fireproof Viking Helmet (prod. by Him Lo)
11. Clash Of Da Titanz feat. Solace (prod. by WIK101)
12. Special Agent (prod. by Giallo Point)
13. Daily Bread (prod. by Cool Kennedy)
14. Theme For A Hitman (prod. by Giallo Point)
15. Courtside At Da French Open (prod. by Nigga From France)

LMNO & Twiz the Beatpro feat. Oh No - The Process

Zaïd meets Parental - Linie 33 Impromptu EP (2017)

03.Linie 33
04.Nüt Passiert
09.Menschezoo Instrumental
10.Linie 33 Instrumental
11.Nüt Passiert Instrumental
12.Lauwarm Instrumental
13.Schlaflos Instrumental
14.Saturn Instrumental
15.Saturn [Lex (de Kalhex) Remix]
16.Mirage (Bonus Beat)


Herméticos - Era 90

 01.Fone de Ouvido (prod. Yuri Pontes)
02.Sexta-feira (prod. Deryck Cabrera & Yuri Pontes)
03.Sonho Real (prod. Yuri Pontes)
04.De Rua em Rua (prod. Yuri Pontes)
05.Música (prod. Beatowski)
06.Poesia Abstrata (prod. Yuri Pontes)

Kwote- Love (Prod by Beatowski) Official Visuals

Words Axis - Pen Zen (2016)

03.Lovin How We Do It
04.Divine Displays (feat. Lyrikill)
07.Music Comes First (feat. Solograph) (Bonus Track)


 01. Preface (Intro)
02. Bust Tha Format
03. Rock Tha Casbah (Feat. Leland Jones)
04. Execs
05. Diggin’ Jawn
06. Suckaz (Feat. Comel 15)
07. The Contract (Interlude)
08. So Clear (Feat. Specswizard)
09. With Love, Party Mountain
10. Do It (Feat. Uzi Isreal & Tuesday Velasco)
11. The Outcome (Interlude)
12. Animal Style (Feat. Moka Only)
13. Particles
14. Dutchies (Feat. The John Behr)

Z Gillespie-Reveries -2017

 01. Overture
02. Designed To Erupt feat. Malik B.
03. Da Capo
04. Tell Me feat. Edo G
05. Nocturne
06. The Position feat. Planet Asia
07. Fetch feat. Noesis
08. Musette
09. Presto
10. Premeditated feat. Pacewon
11. Sempre Forte
12. Dead Silence feat. Supastition
13. Andante
14. The Specialist feat. Shabaam Sahdeeq
15. Coda

miércoles, 10 de enero de 2018

Hands - Dues Paid 3

 1.Keep Payin’ Dues (Intro) 01:16
2.AK Skills - Nights Of Fear 04:22
3.Stezo - Where’s The Funk At 03:18
4.The Edge - Do Ya Dirt 04:31
5.Fat Joe, Evil Twins & Doo Wop - Boriquas On Da Set 04:25
6.T-Max - Relax Your Mind 03:34
7.4th Quarter - C-Notes & Grants 04:21
8.Ca$h Money Click - Get Tha Fortune 04:49
9.Baaad Influence - BunWatcher 04:49
10.Double L - Peeps In Da Ground 04:13
11.Dutchmin - Surrounded 06:03
12.Dues Paid 3 (Outro) 01:38