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miércoles, 24 de febrero de 2016

Wyze Intellect - The World Warriors

 1.Opening Theme 01:51
2.Player Select Theme 02:34
3.Ken's Theme (Main Theme) 03:02
4.Ryu's Theme 02:57
5.Chun-Li's Theme 01:57
6.E Honda's Theme 02:59
7.Zangief's Theme 03:14
8.Blanka's Theme 03:27
9.Bonus Stage Theme 03:02
10.Dhalsim's Theme 03:08
11.Guile's Theme 04:37
12.Balrog's Theme 04:12
13.Vega's Theme 03:50
14.Sagat's Theme 02:48
15.M Bison's Theme 02:35
16.Credits Theme 03:01

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