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domingo, 16 de julio de 2017

Vitality - Heavens Floor Redux

 1.Double Personality (produced by Vitality and Sick Rat) 03:33
2.The Things That Ruin Our Lives (produced by Darkside and Mr. Moods) 03:15
3.Condition (produced by Pitch Razahs) 02:31
4.Unison featuring Alice Wanders (produced by Adarcah) 07:03
5.A Letter featuring Plunge Attempt (produced by Undogmatic) 04:53
6.Misspent Treasure (produced by Monkeys & Demons) 03:25
7.Long Way Home featuring Night Enders (produced by Nameless) 03:18
8.Love Wisdom featuring Mental Devil Slayer (produced by Vitality) 04:05
9.A Lesson Learned featuring Distored View (produced by Rankeur) 03:29
10.The Right Way (produced by Litman) 02:09
11.Forest Dimensions (produced by Monkeys & Demons) 03:31
12.Never Question What You Buy (produced by Adarcah) 05:30
13.In The Water Of Oblivion featuring Cedric Till (produced by Vitality and Sick Rat) 05:52
14.For The Sake Of Progress (produced by Vitality and Undogmatic) 05:17
15.The Poverty Of Hope featuring Dirus and Mecron (produced by Nameless) 04:24
16.Humanity featuring Plunge Attempt (produced by Undogmatic) 04:21
17.Prodigal Mourning Veil featuring Unfiltered (produced by Muhamed Mali) 03:40
18.Fall Silent (produced by Muhamed Mali) 03:02

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